Scott Hudson - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard


Scott Hudson is the backbone of sound for Exit 54. While singing lead and harmonies on many of the tunes the band is known for, he drives the music with rhythm and lead guitar work while also incorporating keyboards into the mix, thus broadening the band's ever growing musical repertoire. His onstage energy draws the audience into the performance making every event memorable.


Born and raised in Concord, Scott cut his teeth playing Classic Rock/Top 40 throughout the '80s and early '90s in various area outfits. The highlight of his musical career came when he shared the stage with the late Clarence Clemons, the iconic saxophonist with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Scott plays an Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 and Fender guitars through Randall amplification and utilizes a Roland Juno Gi keyboard as well. His musical influences are as varied as EXIT 54's dynamic repertoire, drawing from the very best of every genre. For guitar heroes (which changes from week to week), Scott's favorites are Nuno Bettencourt, Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, Neal Schon, Jake Cinninger and Gary Moore.


Since joining EXIT 54 in 2009, Scott (along with guitar partner-in-crime Craig Richards) has become an integral part of the rockin' performances that the band is so well known for.